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Genuine Ormus Testimonials from Ormusis

Sue           Mt Barker           Western Australia

After several debilitating surgeries that affected my memory, your ormus has certainly improved my mental focus. I also believe it has helped my lifelong suffering from tinnitus, which has reduced dramatically in the last 2 months. My partner has been taking it too and his hair has also started to darken!
Jane           Perth           Western Australia I certainly feel revitalised since taking your ormus! I am awaiting surgery on a cyst behind my eye and sometimes I think the ormus is the only thing keeping me going. I have reordered.
Beth B           Mt Barker           Western Australia         I have an as yet undiagnosed problem that affects my nerves and thinking. I immediately felt a beneficial effect and are far more steady on my feet and my thoughts are less cloudy. Remarkable! I will let you know more.
Callum           Ballingup           Western Australia I have just placed an order for 3 more bottles of your Ormus.          
Click for fullsize "To date I have found your product/drink has helped my digestion bigtime - has left me calmer, very much clearer in my mind and much more positive, memory improved"
                First month of ingestion. Ordered 3 more bottles.

Ida           Mt Barker            Western Australia

I have been sufffering chronic fatigue for the last few years and felt weary most of the time. At first I didn't feel any effects but after a week I am more alert and have more energy. I can now tend to my garden. I had forgotten what energy was!
Dorothy           Geraldton           Western Australia I am 84 and recovering from serious surgery, I also have severe arthritic problems. I can get out and about more freely! Is it your ormus? I believe so. God bless you.
Barry P           Sydney NSW A negative testimonial:  "very sorry Dean. i felt guilty because i took it for a week or so (not long i know) without noticing any change. had some down' time during the last week and a bit and lost motivation. started again last night."
Graham           West Perth I have just reordered another 4 bottles, I find it makes me very focused in my work and my thinking very clear.
Jeffrey           Nth Qld I have an increase in energy and stamina that I first noticed on my bike rides, I am on my fourth order now. Thanks.
Rose S           Albany Very subtle, after a few days I noticed I was feeling pretty good and eating a bit less and I will be a regular customer.
Pim           Tuscon AZ I just want to let   you know about experience of the Ormus I bought from you. I can lift   heavy thing that I would never lift before. The big strong guy   complained of that heavy thing when he lifted it, but I lift it very   easily and I don't fell(sic) it is heavy to me, and my hair got darker.


  • Diabetes
    A Diabetic customer rang me with his Ormus Success story... Continue reading ->
  • Toothpaste

I have been brushing my teeth with ORMUS for almost a year now. The results have been remarkable... ORMUS is the best toothpaste available on the planet. It's cleansing, it cuts all plaque, prevents plaque from returning, demolishes pyorrhea,

prevents inflammation, and rebuilds teeth, and is fluoride free... Continue reading ->

  • Cancer, arthritis, diabetes, ADHD, Alzheimer's,...

Ormus greatly assists people with cancers, crohn's disease, infertility issues, arthritis, diabetes, ADHD, Alzheimer's... The list goes on and on. When the body is able to communicate efficiently at the atomic level, an immense amount of healing can begin at the DNA level. Our water is laced with fluoride and chlorine, our foods are processed and life-less, our sugars have become aspartame, salts are stripped of all essential elements, bread flours now have to be 'enriched' ... Our food stream is wholly deficient for our well being. Ormus returns these vital elements, in their high-spin state, to our diet. Once this occurs, the body, will, of its own accord, heal itself. This is the natural way, the God given way to heal and to be in balance. (Scott Stevens) bluewateralchemy.com