Dr. Shimanishi

Dr. Shimanishi, el científico detrás de Themarox ™ Adya Clarity ™

El doctor Asao Shimanishi es un destacado científico japonés y una autoridad en el tratamiento del agua en Japón. Entre sus clientes se incluyen grandes fabricantes japoneses como Toyota, Hitachi y Matsushita. Hace años patentó la extracción de minerales ionizados de la Mica Negra (Black Mica).




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Some day he may be nominated for the Nobel prize - the implication of how his discovery greatly affects health care, agriculture, horticulture, raw sewage treatment, orchards and poultry industry, and many more.

Amazing demonstration of the powers of Themarox™/Adya Clarity™

Thanks to his work we have become the beneficiaries of his discovery. He invented a patented way to extract the minerals from Black Mica and maintain them in an ionized, bio-available form.

He became the authority on the treatment and cleaning of water in Japan. This extraordinary discovery has led not only to the betterment of human health, but to revolutionary changes in agriculture, poultry, horticulture, aquatics, raw sewage treatment, and waste water treatment.  As a result, major conglomerates now use his lab as the resource for their respective water treatments.

Dr. Shimanishi discovered that plants and farm produce grew better and stronger when he fed them with the mineral solution. Cow dung, considered difficult to be made biodegradable, became easier to treat. People who ate vegetables fertilized with his water became healthier. Fish in his fish tank lived longer even in a constricted space, and when they died, they did not rot. Chicken egg shells became harder and the yolks were larger. He also proved that dead ponds could be revived with his mineral solution.

The Science behind Adya Clarity™
One of the things that I like about Adya Clarity™ is its simplicity.  Dr. Shimanishi did the hard work years ago when he searched the world for the best source of Black Mica (Biotite) and then developed his patented process to extract the broad spectrum of minerals and trace minerals in their most powerful, effective and beneficial form.

His skills and hard work make it easy for us.  Add Adya Clarity™ drops to tap water, drink all day long, reap the rich harvest of benefits.

These are extracts of an Interview of Dr. Asao Shimanishi, the inventor of Super Mineral Solution (this is the same as Adya Clarity™).  It appeared as the feature story in the December 2000 issue of The Hado, a monthly publication in Japan:
"Super Mineral Water: Minerals Extracted from Rocks Activate Enzymes and Enhance Organ Activity".


There is no room to question that minerals are required by the human body. A mineral does not exist by itself. Their synergistic work has been noted for our health. In the beginning of his research, Dr. Asao Shimanishi became aware of the ionic power of sulfuric acid and this synergy of different minerals. He eventually found the patented key to creating what he calls Super Mineral Solution. Today we have decided to ask Dr. Shimanishi about the relationship between our body and minerals. Minerals begin their work by uniting with enzymes in our body.

Water is a wondrous and mysterious being.  It is an inflammable being, despite the fact that it consists of two combustible elements called hydrogen and oxygen.
Polluted water means that contaminants, part of water's molecules, get trapped evenly in the space between molecules of clusters that resemble grape vines.  Some are suspended in a colloidal form and some are simply dissolved in the water.  Pollution refers to the state where these contaminants are rotting within the water.  It should be noted that the water itself does not rot and has not changed its molecular structure at all.  Water is water at any stage.

To prove this point push this water through reverse osmosis or distillation. And pull away the contaminants.  Water remains the same.  It hasn't changed its character or its composition.
I repeat:  water does not rot.  Period.  It is the contaminants within the water that rot. Water does not have to explain its identity. Water is water.  It's a wondrous and mysterious being indeed.

With regards to the purification of these waters, we have primarily depended on the method called Activated Sludge Method, a system that relied heavily on the power of microbes.  Call it Nature's way of cleaning.  However this natural cleaning method cannot match the digression spurned by petrochemical pollution.  This is the primary reason for the pollution of water today.  And yet little has been done to take care of these pollutions.

Please note that one liter of water has 900 gr of oxygen.
The oxygen in the air can dissolve in water.  It is commonly referred to as Dissolved Oxygen or D.O.  Its oxidizing power is limited and therefore cannot be depended on for the process of purifying or cleaning the contaminated water. In the scientific community this fact has been known and therefore cleaning water using oxygen had not been pursued vigorously.

So rather than working with the Dissolved Oxygen, we thought of activating the oxygen within the water's molecules, to create radical oxygen, called OH by introducing minerals in an ionized state.  It was our fortune that we have succeeded in making this a reality.
It has also been proven that this approach I referred to as Activated Oxygen Formula is not only effective in the cleaning of polluted water, but in the growth of plants and animals alike.  It is therefore an unexpected boom to such industries as agriculture, and fisheries.

70% of our body is water; 70% of the mother earth is water. Over 90% of plants are water.  Need I say more how important water is in our lives?  The living beings cannot survive without water!!!


A team of scientists from Tokyo University (under Prof. Shin-ichi Someya), the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Miami has come to a conclusion that OH Radicals, believed to cause the process of aging, has had nothing to do with aging.

The team further went on to explain the part that the damaged DNA in the Mitochondria, small organ within a cell, plays in the aging process.  It was announced in NATURE on its July 15th issue, 2005.  Active oxygen, referred to as Radical Oxygen, was believed to oxidize the inside of our body, damaging genes and cell membranes, thus referred to as harmful substance.  It was thought that these radical oxygen attacked Mitochondria, thus promoting the aging process.  The market is full of products that claim to fight this aging process.   According to Professor Someya, "In the animal study using mice, we were able to deny the traditional view that radical oxygen was damaging Mitochondria. A new understanding of this mechanism will connect us to a new anti-aging development."

These minerals perform an enormous task. And from this point on, the minerals and water share the same degree of importance. The problem is the degree of their contribution based on whether the water is "good or bad".

when it comes to entering our body, Chlorine becomes a dangerous thing. Especially when chlorine mixes in water and foods, it invites a dangerous result.


First and most importantly we have to engage in a subtraction business of removing only villains from the water. There are 5 steps of subtraction we need to do.

1. To remove those that cause water to lose clarity, namely insoluble substances.

2. To kill dissolved germs.

3. To remove rotten organic matters dissolved in water (biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) type). These organic matters can come from both meats and vegetables.

4. To remove artificially developed synthetic substances like petrochemicals that did not actually exist in nature. This for example includes such thing as synthetically made detergents.

5. Lastly to remove heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.

When you do a thorough job of these 5 steps of subtraction, we create purified water or distilled water. But the answer as to whether this water is good for living organisms becomes no. There are many reasons for this, but subtraction is not good enough. Without beginning the process of addition, the water is still not good for living organisms. The addition is about introducing as many types of minerals into the water as possible.

Every living organism, be it an animal or a plant, continues their life cycle by absorbing minerals from water. When our bodies do not have the necessary minerals, our organs cannot function. The very enzymes that are supposed to do their God given functions cannot do their jobs unless they can receive the necessary minerals.


Once people have begun using the Super Mineral Solution, there have been numerous cases of recovery from various illnesses. Unfortunately, it becomes unlawful for us to say that Super Minerals would cure diseases. I have been trying to suppress people's urge to make a huge claim such as this. But in truth, why did Super Minerals contribute to the recovery from illnesses? The key is in the way the minerals activate enzymes within the body and help awaken the organs' innate activity.

For example, a diabetic has high blood sugar count. Diabetes is a state in which the insulin created by the pancreas is not spreading well in the diabetic's body. If you go to a hospital that practices Western medicine, they administer insulin through syringe to balance out the blood sugar count. But the problem is when you do that, you are further discouraging the pancreas from doing what Nature assigned it to do. So the pancreatic function worsens. On the other hand, Super Minerals contain the mineral that activates the enzymes required for the pancreas to function normally. In this way, the pancreas recovers its original function.


Water is a wondrous thing. Two highly flammable elements - namely - oxygen and hydrogen are combined to become an inflammable substance called water. Here then we need to discuss the subject of ions, which are electrical energy. When this electrical charge is introduced to water, elements in the water will either be inactivated or activated. When mixed with water, our Super Minerals act to catalyze and start the process of changing oxygen in the water [molecule] into Activated Oxygen, an extremely powerful oxygenator.

There are many people today who treat radical oxygen or activated oxygen as a villain. Do you realize that people cannot live without this activated oxygen or free radical oxygen? The oxygen in the air is quite weak in terms of its ability for activation. We breathe the air, namely, oxygen, and then the oxygen goes into our blood. When the oxygen in our blood mixes with minerals, a combustion or catalytic process occurs and changes the oxygen to free radical oxygen. This is the free radical oxygen that oxidizes and burns up organic matters within the blood, and thus enables the body to maintain the temperature of 36C or 96.8 F. This process occurs because there are minerals in the blood.

What is aging? What promotes aging? The cause is oxidized remains of burned organic matters within the blood. In other words, the remains are like burned ashes. We need Super Oxide Disputes (SOD) to break down these burned organic ashes. Once broken down, we can flush these organic matters out of our body. However as we age, not enough SOD is secreted, which is the beginning of the aging process. Super Mineral Water provides the activated oxygen to break down these burned organic ashes, thus allowing the body to easily purge the remains.


Lately water from the depth of oceans has commanded some attention. Among minerals in these salt waters, there are lighter types like sodium and magnesium and then heavier types. Minerals needed for our body are heavier types. In this respect, water from the depth of the ocean does contain heavier minerals in abundance. And in this respect without a question these minerals are good. The problem is that a mineral does not exist by itself. It exists always attached to something else. Minerals in deep-sea water are attached to chlorine. So if it is sodium, it becomes sodium chloride. Magnesium becomes magnesium chloride.

In the case of the Super Minerals, sulfuric acid and ions are combined together. Sulfur is the 5th most abundant mineral on the earth. Japan sits atop volcanic veins and therefore many places are full of natural spas, and smell of sulfur. Sulfur when mixed with minerals creates amino acids in living organisms. Edible vegetation containing these amino acids becomes the tastiest. Many minerals are mixed with sulfuric acid, and they are very stable minerals.

minerals will keep on switching mates until they find the most compatible ones. This is almost like having a marital affair or a divorce. This compatibility is referred to as "ionic tendency." Sulfuric acid and minerals are very, very compatible. But in the case of chlorine, their unions may be easily achieved, but they often get divorced from each other. In other words, they tend not to be true to each other.

Super Minerals are mineral liquid extracted with sulfuric acid from black mica embedded in granite. When the Super Mineral Solution is mixed with tap water, oxygen within the water reaches the stage of activation and creates an oxidizing phenomenon. The origin of life derives from this oxidization phenomena. The water itself now is activated and its cluster becomes smaller.

I found black mica in granites. The liquid form of these minerals is the extracted Super Minerals. They were not chemically synthesized. They were just extracted out from Nature as they existed.

Sulfuric acid and acid sulfate are all inorganic acids and therefore are dangerous by themselves, but mixed with minerals they pose no threat. When these acids are in stable condition, they do not harm your skin if they come in contact with it. If you put a drop of these liquids on cotton cloth, they will create a hole, but they exhibit unusual safety on living beings.

Leave the mixture alone for a while and you begin to notice the separation of liquids in which the top part looks transparent. In other words, minerals chased away the substances that were trapped in the clusters. Those elements that were not supposed to be in the water were separated out from the water. They precipitated to the bottom of the reservoir. When the precipitated elements are taken out of the water, the water becomes extremely clean water. You will note that this water no longer has any odor.


La extracción de minerales de la Mica Negra (Black Mica) y los procesos de purificación del agua están protegidos por la Patente de EE.UU. 4.776.963